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The Best Apartments In Savannah

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We’d love to help you select the apartment at Cottages at Emerald Cove that’s perfectly suited to your unique desires, so we’ve made it easy for you to begin the selection process even before you visit. With distinctive apartment options, you’re certain to find the home that’s perfect just for you!

Studio Apartment in Savannah


Studio Apartment, One Bathroom
656 Square Feet

One-Bedroom Apartments in Savannah


One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom
874 Square Feet


One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom
900 Square Feet


One-Bedroom Loft Apartment, One Bathroom
1076 Square Feet

Two-Bedroom Apartments in Savannah


Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1,142 Square Feet


 Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1,167 Square Feet


 Two-Bedroom Apartment with Loft, Two Bathrooms
1,350 Square Feet

Three-Bedroom Apartment in Savannah


Three-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms
1,410 Square Feet

 Studio, One, Two and Three Bedroom Apartments

Apartment StyleSquare FootageRental Rate
Beryl - Studio Apartment One Bath656 Square FeetFrom $929 – $999
Forest - One Bedroom Loft Apartment One Bath1,076 Square FeetFrom $1,299 – $1,349
Fern - One Bedroom Apartment One Bath900 Square FeetFrom $1,099 – $1,149
Citron - One Bedroom Apartment One Bath874 Square FeetFrom $1,099 – $1,199
Jade - Two Bedroom Apartment Two Baths1,142 Square FeetFrom $1,419 – $1,449
Lime - Two Bedroom Apartment Two Baths1,167 Square FeetFrom $1,429 – $1,449
Shamrock - Two Bedroom Apartment with Loft Two Baths1,350 Square FeetFrom $1,649 – $1,699
Viridian - Three Bedroom Apartment Two Baths1,410 Square FeetFrom $1,709 – $1,739